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Pricing and licensing


The pricing is not finalised and we welcome your feedback. Please send any comments to our help desk at:

Tablet Licensing

Our desktop application, Pirform, has always been licensed to the computer. This has worked reasonably well for a long time and we have never changed it.

However, we would like customers who are using our tablet apps to have greater flexibility and not be tied to individual devices. We are therefore going to license the tablet apps to the engineer and not the computer.

Engineer Licences

Engineer licences will allow us to give more flexibility to engineers using the Shine Tablet apps as well as Pirform.

An engineer licence is attached to the engineer themselves.

Anyone using an engineer licence can make changes to a certificate only if their engineer details appear on the certificate they are changing.

An engineer with an engineer licence will be able to:

  • Install and use the Shine Tablet App on any tablet
  • Install and use Pirform on any computer
  • Engineer licences are not transferrable.

Expected Pricing for Engineer Licences

Our current Pirform licences are priced as follows:

Licence Cost per annum (excluding VAT)
Lite Edition £75.00
Premium Edition £199.00

We are intending to launch the Engineer Licence at:

Engineer Licence

£145.00 + VAT per engineer, per annum

As usual, there are no hidden costs (excepting the proviso about storage costs below). The engineer licence price and will allow access to everything and include the cost of storing certificates against your Shine Forms account.

Storage Limits

We will be placing a limit on the amount of online storage available for each licence. We expect that this will only be relevant to companies who issue large numbers of certificates.

We may sell additional storage on top to cover storage and processing costs if needed. We intend to keep those costs close to the actual charges to make them as efficient as possible.

Existing Pirform Users

Existing Pirform customers will be able to transfer their licences to a new engineer licence on a pro-rated basis for any time remaining on their Pirform licence.

We will also keep selling our computer-locked Pirform licences for as long as it makes sense to any customers who wish to continue using those.

Access to the Tablet App Access During the Beta

We will not be introducing engineer licences during the tablet beta. Instead, anyone with a current Pirform licence will be able to use the tablet apps during the beta phase.

People without a current Pirform licence will be able to install and use the Shine Tablet apps, but will not be able to upload certificates and generate PDFs.

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