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Shine Tablet BETA


We expect to make our tablet apps BETA available in October or early November 2021. Watch this space!


You are welcome to try our apps during the beta phase, but please continue to rely on Pirform for your live work!

Our tablet apps are in the beta phase. This means that:

  • Some features may not be present or complete.
  • The apps may contain defects.
  • We may take longer than usual to fix any defects or add missing features.

Where Certificates Are Stored

Our tablet apps are native apps that are installed onto your tablet. This means that any certificates that you are working on will be stored on your tablet until you upload them to your Shine Forms account.

Certificates that you have uploaded to your Shine Forms account are stored there until you choose to delete them.

Your certificates are stored there and you can access the PDFs for the certificate after you have uploaded them from the tablet.

Working Without a Network

The Shine Tablet apps are native apps that can work offline without needing an internet connection.

You can create new certificates or work on existing certificates without a connection to the internet.

However, you do need an internet connection to upload your certificates from your tablet to your Shine Forms account

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