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Beta progress

This page shows our progress from the Shine Tablet BETA phase to going live. The symbols mean the following:

Symbol Meaning
✔️ Available right now in the BETA.
We are still working on this.

Tablet Features

The following features are available in our Android and iPad tablet apps.

Certificate types

✔️ EICR2018

✔️ EIC 2018

❌ MW 2018

❌ Amendment 2 forms

Other Tablet Features

✔️ Account login

✔️ Use on multiple devices

✔️ Pirform's Intelligence feature

✔️ Taking photos directly in the app

❌ Editing photos directly in the app

✔️ Reordering boards

✔️ Copying boards

✔️ Copying circuits

✔️ Reordering circuits

✔️ Three-phase boards

Shine Forms Features

These features are available in your Shine Forms account on our website.

Managing Certificates

✔️ Generating PDFs for the certificate and circuit chart

✔️ Refreshing PDFs (such as when your company logo has changed)

❌ Deleting certificates

Managing Company Details

✔️ Setting company details in your Shine Forms account

  • ✔️ Name, address and enrolment

  • ✔️ Company and association logos

❌ Creating engineer tablet logins for your company's licences

Uploading and Downloading

✔️ Uploading certificates from your tablet to your Shine Forms account

❌ Downloading certificates to your tablet from your Shine Forms account

Certificate Sharing

These features allow sharing certificates across machines, engineers and customers.

❌ Sharing certificates with engineers inside your company

❌ Sharing certificates with engineers outside your company

❌ Sending certificate PDFs with customers

Sharing Between the Tablet Apps and Pirform

❌ Uploading certificates from Pirform to your Shine Forms account

❌ Downloading Pirform certificates into your tablet app

❌ Downloading tablet app certificates into Pirform

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