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Sunsetting our online forms


April 2020 - Online Forms Are Read-Only

As we progress towards releasing the tablet apps later this year, we have updated the internals of the Shine Forms website. There are very few changes (other than to the way we log in), but we have now taken away the ability to create and change any existing online forms.

All the data is still there and you can still access and download the PDFs. When the tablet apps are relased we will add an area where you can download these forms into Pirform and the tablet apps.

What's changing?

Our online forms were launched in late 2014 and can be used from a browser on any device that whilst it is connected to the internet.

Since their launch, the online forms have been used little compared to Pirform. We also do not believe that software that cannot operate fully without an internet connection will bests serve the needs of our customers. We have therefore taken the decision to not take our online forms forward.

If you were using our online forms, please use Pirform as your main tool and watch for announcements on our blog as we move forwards.

What's next?

As well as Pirform, we will now focus on producing apps that can be installed on iPads and Android tablets (remember that Pirform already works on Windows tablets).

A lot of customers use Pirform to produce large certificates with hundreds of boards. We are committed to make our tablet apps also work smoothly with this size of certificate.

Upload from Pirform

Currently you can only upload the 17th Edition forms to Shine Forms. We will be updating this as we move towards relasing our forthcoming tablet apps later in the year. Please keep an eye on our blog for announcements.

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