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We are sunsetting our online forms in favour of our forthcoming tablet applications. Read more here.

Working with issuers

Issuers are people who can appear on the PDFs, such as engineers and quality supervisors. You can only add an issuer to a form if they have a current licence (when Shine Forms is out of beta).

When preparing the PDF, Shine Forms will look for an issuer whose name matches the name on your report. If it finds one it will add the issuer details such as the position and signature to the report. If you're not seeing these on your PDF, then add or update the issuer and then refresh the form.

Each issuer in your company has a name, a position, an email address and a signature. To view your issuers go to

To add a new issuer click the New Issuer button.

To edit an issuer click the issuer name.

To add or change a signature click the signature link.

To delete an issuer click the delete link.

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