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Getting started with online forms


We are sunsetting our online forms in favour of our forthcoming tablet applications. Read more here.

Getting started with Shine Forms


Welcome to the Shine Forms Beta!

Use the Shine Forms Amendment Beta today to create amendment 3 forms your tablet browser or your computer.

Work with Pirform on your desktop and then upload certificates to Shine Forms to convert them to the amendment 3 format.

Please note that these are currently a "beta" version and therefore not fully functional as yet and you should continue to use Pirform for your main work. For example, there is no way to download into Pirform as yet.

Details for the PDF

So that your company details, issuer details and logos appear on the PDFs, you'll need to set these up against the login to which your licences are registered.

Once those are completed, the details will be added to the PDFs. Tip: if you change any of these, click refresh next to the form to regenerate the PDFs.

Getting started

Use the following links to get started:

More information

Check our frequently asked questions:
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