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Online forms


We are sunsetting our online forms in favour of our forthcoming tablet applications. Read more here.

Working with forms

To work with your forms, login and go to your forms area ( You will see a list of your forms along with links related to those forms:

Which forms will I see?

Forms are saved against your company account. You can view the forms from your company whenever you are logged in with an email address that is associated with your company account. Email adddresses that are associated with your company account are the email address that you used to purchase your licences and any email address that is against an issuer in your company.

Creating a new form

To create a new form, click the button for the type of form you want to create. A new form will open in a separate page.

Saving your work

Click on the Save button as you enter values to form to your Shine Forms area. You will see a popup appear when the form has been saved.

Remember to click save every now and again to make sure you don't lose any work.

Changing an existing form

To change an existing form, click on the certificate number and the form will open up in a separate window to allow changes. To save your changes as you go along.

Form settings

Each form has a tab named settings. Click on this tab to change settings, such as the certificate number.

Downloading the PDF and the circuit chart

To download a PDF of your form, click on the download link next to the form. If a circuit chart is relevant to the form then click on the circuit chart link to download the circuit chart.

To print the PDF file, first open it in a PDF reader and then select print. If you haven't got a PDF reader installed, try using the free Foxit Reader from here.

Alternatively, you can email the PDF to the recipient by attaching the PDF to an email.

Note that you need to have your company logos and issuers details set up against the account to which the licence is registered before they appear on the reports - see here for more details.

Adding a watermark

To add some text to the PDF as a watermark, go into the form settings and enter the text you want in the watermark section. You can also change the size of the font that's used for the watermark.

Then save the report and you'll see the watermark has been added to the PDF.

If you are uploading a certificate from Pirform, you can set the watermark in Pirform from the Certificate Options.

To remove the watermark, just clear the watermark text in setting and save the form again. The PDF will regenerate and the watermark will be removed.

Deleting a form

To delete a form, click on the delete link next to the form.

Refreshing a form

Refreshing a form will regenerate the PDFs, just as if you've just saved the form. This will also apply any changes that you've made to your logos, issuers or company details and also and updates that have been released since the form was last saved.

To refresh a form, click on the refresh link next to the form.

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