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Shine FAQ


We are sunsetting our online forms in favour of our forthcoming tablet applications. Read more here.

Frequently asked questions

What is a beta?

This means that although Shine Forms is not yet fully ready for launch, we are ready for you to use Shine Forms. Between now and the launch we will regularly be adding new features and fixing anything that doesn't work quite as it should.

What is the best way to work during the beta?

The best way to work is to carry on using Pirform on the desktop. The amendment 3 forms are now in Pirform and can be uploaded to your Shine Forms account. You can use Pirform to convert your 2011 or 2008 certificates into the new 2015 format.

How do I set up my logos and signatures?

You need to have your company logos and issuers details set up against the account to which the licence is registered before they appear on the reports - see here for more details.

Does Pirform have the amendment 3 max Zs values?

Not yet, but the amendment 3 version will have the new values. In the meantime, you can manually enter the new values into Pirform (see here for how to set Pirform to allow manual entry of Zs values).

What are we working on?

Right now we're getting the online version of the forms ready. These are online only and can be used from your browser on your desktop or tablet.

Once these are ready, we'll be launching our tablet apps that will be able to be used without an internet connection. We expect those to be available in August 2015. Those will be followed up by new desktop software for Windows, and we hope to launch desktop software for Mac OSX.

Can I upload my certs from Pirform?

Yes. Read more here.

Working offline?

To work offline, just carry on using Pirform until the new tablet and desktop applications are ready.

How do I see the certificates I have uploaded?

Log into the site with the same email address as your Pirform licence and go to

What's left to be done before launch?

Broadly speaking, for the amendment 3 work it's the new Zs values and bringing some the intelligence up to date. We also need to make the forms available across all users in your company, not just the registered user and to make the new licensing work. Use our suggestions forum to give us feedback.

Will you store my certs online?

Yes. Shine Forms is based on "cloud" technologies that allow us to provide you with robust storage for your certificates and data.

How is the licensing changing?

Pirform was licensed to the computer. Shine Forms will be licensed to the engineer. Instead of being locked to use the program on one computer, you'll be able to use it on any computer or tablet that you have access to. The only restriction will be that a licensed issuer must appear on the PDF.

What about pricing?

We have not announced the pricing yet, but it will be very close to the current pricing. There will be a certain amount of storage with your account, but we expect to be charging for additional storage. However, additional storage will not be expensive.

Where can I give feedback or ask for features?

If you have a problem with the software, just send an email to our online support:

Use our suggestions forum to ask for a feature or add your vote for another feature (using "like") here:

Where can I read more?

Other useful sources of information are:

Articles on our blog here: Read or search our documentation here: Look at our roadmap here: