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Computer performance

Improve the performance of your computer

Over time the performance of your computer will be less than it was when it was new. Reasons for this include having programs running in the background and other software that you no longer need using valuable resources on your computer.

This article shows how to solve common problems to improve the performance get the best from you PC. (This article assumes that you are using Windows 10.)

Update Windows

It is important to make sure that your copy of Windows is up to date. The following article shows how to check and update Windows:

Stop background programs

Programs that you install will often start up in the background when your computer starts. This slows down the startup and can reduce the performance of the computer.

Even for programs that you use often, you can stop them starting automatically and just start them when you ask them. For example, I prevent Google Chrome from starting anything automatically and just wait unti I start it when I want to browese the internet.

To see how to prevent programs from starting manually, see the following article:

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