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Upgrading to Windows 11

Pirform runs fine on Windows 11. If you have a new Windows 11 machine then you can just install Pirform on it as you would on any other version of Windows.

This article is for when you are upgrading a machine running Windows 10 (or earlier) that already has Pirform on it. In this case then you will need to follow the steps below.

Shine Forms Help Desk is there to help!

If you have any questions before or during the upgrade process, or if anything goes wrong, just contact our Help Desk at:

Create a new backup of your certificates

Click the next link to read how to create a new backup file containing your certificates and company information.

How to create a new backup

Copy the backup somewhere safe

Just in case!

Usually, nothing will go wrong when upgrading Windows to Windows 11. But, it's better to be safe than sorry!

Before you start the upgrade to Windows 11, copy the backup file you created in the last step to someowhere that is off the computer being upgraded. You can use a location such as:

  • An external hard disk
  • A USB key
  • An offline storage facility such as Dropbox or OneDrive

Uninstall Pirform and remove your certificates

Open Add/Remove Programs and search for Pirform:

Pirform will give you the option to remove all your certificate data. You should make sure that is ticked before removing Pirform:

Upgrade to Windows 11

Go ahead an upgrade the computer to Windows 11.

Install Pirform and restore your certificates

Get a transfer file

Sometimes after upgrading Windows, Pirform will think that the backup file comes from a different machine and won't let you restore it. If that happens, contact Pirform Support and ask for a "transfer file" for the licence you have on that machine.

Install the latest version of Pirform on the computer. You can read how to do that here:

Installing Pirform

Copy the backup file you created above back onto the computer (or you can use the copy that you left on the machine if you prefer).

Then restore your certificate from that backup file by clicking on Restore Certificate Data in the Home Screen:

Select the backup file that you copied to the new computer:

As you removed all your certificates in the step above, just go ahead and confirm that you want to restore the certificates:

Pirform will restore the backup (which might take a little time), after which you will see a confirmation that the backup has been restored:

That's it - Pirform is now running on your Windows 11 machine!

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