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Windows 10 upgrade issues

The recent Windows 10 upgrade seems to be affecting Pirform for a number of users. The symptoms are that Pirform fails to start after the Windows 10 has been upgraded. You can get around this as follows:


What should I do if I have already updated Windows?

If you have already run the update and Pirform isn't starting then you can do either of these (click the links for detailed instructions):

Either revert the Windows update and take a backup using Pirform

Or send your log file to

Take a backup before updating Windows

Before you run the Windows update, take a backup of your certificates that we will use to restore your certificates from after the backup.

To take a backup of your certificates click on Backup Certificate Data in the Home Screen:

Pirform will confirm that the backup has been completed and gives the option to go to the new backup file:

Click on Show me the backup file and Pirform will open Windows Explorer with the backup file selected:

Copy this file to the new computer so that you can use it later to restore the certificates that are in it.

Keep this file somewhere safe as you will use it later after running the Windows update. Keeping it on your computer should be fine, but you could also copy it onto a USB key or external hard drive.

Run the Windows update

Let Windows run the update and continue back here after that's completed.

Use our Assisted Restore Tool

Use our Assisted Restore Tool to reset your Pirform database and restore from the backup you took in the earlier step. You can read how to do that here:

Using the Pirform Assisted Restore Tool

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