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Assisted Restore Tool

The easiest way to recover your certificates from your most recent Pirform backup is to use the assisted restore in the Pirform Support Tool.

Use this only when directed by Pirform Support

Restoring your certificates from a backup will overwrite any existing certificates that are on your machine. If you are not sure, contact Pirform Support at before you start.

To restore your certificates from the latest backup, follow the steps below.

Download and install the Pirform Support Tool

Download and run the installer for the Pirform Support Tool from the following link:

Start the Pirform Support Tool by either selecting the option to start it at the end of the installer or use the desktop shortcut.

Open Assisted Restore

From the Assisted Restore section, select Restore Latest Backup.

The Pirform Assisted Restore Tool will analyse your computer and determine how to restore from the latest backup.

Read the report before restoring


It is important to read the report before proceeding!

The Pirform Assisted Restore Tool may detect that you have a backup file and that no other changes were made since that backup was taken. If so, the report will tell you that you can proceed to restore from the latest backup.

If you have allowed Pirform to complete its automatic backups when it closes, then you will see the above message when you need to restore.


If the tool says that it cannot find a backup to restore then please send us your log file.

Restore from the latest backup

Click Restore Last Backup to begin restoring your certificates. Note that this can take some time and, if it seems that the Pirform Assisted Restore Tool is not responding, don't worry, just leave it to carry on working.

After it completes, the Pirform Assisted Restore Tool will open Pirform for you.

Changes made since the latest backup

If you have made changes and have closed Pirform without allowing the automatic backup to complete, then those changes will not be in the backup. The Pirform Assisted Restore Tool will look to see if an automatic export for those certificates exists and will collect those export files together for you at the end if needed.

You can see below that the Pirform Assisted Restore Tool has detected changes made to some certificates.

If this is the case, then the export files will be collected together for you an put in a single folder on your desktop so that you can then import from that folder to get those changed certificates back. The will open that folder, the certificate sharing documentation and start Pirform for you.

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