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Purchasing Licences


All your current licences in your Licence Manager and read about how to manage your licence in Pirform here.

You can purchase a new licence or renew or upgrade existing licences at any time from our website store:

You will need to be logged in using the account that holds the licences. Then you will see a list of your licences and the available options to renew, upgrade or buy more licences. If there are no options next to the licence then it does not need renewing at this time.

Renewing a licence


Renewing an existing licence avoids having to activate it on the computer. Check to make sure you have renewed instead of buying a new licence.

Renewing a licence will extend it by one year from the date it expires. If the licence has already expired, it will add a year from today.

The first Premium Edition licence we saw above can be renewed for one year.

Click on Renew as Premium Edition (1 Year) and you will see that the price of the order has changed. You can click Remove next to the licence to remove the renewal from the order.

Buying a new licence

To purchase a new licence click on either New Premium Edition Licence or New Lite Edition Licence. You can change the quantity and click update, as required.

Upgrading a licence

You can upgrade any of your licence at any time.


Upgrade prices are calculated by taking the difference between what you paid for your current licence and the price of the current licence and then pro-rating that for the time the licence has remaining. So, if you have 6 months left on a Lite Edition licence you will pay half of the difference between the price of a new Premium Edition licence and a new Lite Edition licence.

You can see the options available and the pro-rated price next to this Lite Edition licence:

Clicking on the option to upgrade to Premium Edition changes the line to show the price you will pay. You can click Remove next to the licence to remove the upgrade from the order.

Check out and pay

Once you have selected the licences you want to purchase, click Proceed to Checkout and you will see a summary of the order. Check that your name and the name of the company are correct and then click Pay With PayPal to proceed.

You will then be taken to PayPal to complete payment details.


You do not need to use a PayPal account. There is an option to pay using a credit or debit card towards the end of the PayPal screen.

Completing your order

After you have entered your payment details into PayPal and clicked Continue then you will be taken back to the Shine Forms website store again. Click Submit Order to complete the order

You receive your licences in separate emails within a few minutes!