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Pre-release certificates

Pirform lets you create pre-release versions of Electrical Installation Certificates. This allows the entry of observations to reflect situations that arise as the installation is in progress. The printed certificates is also watermarked to show it is a pre-release version.

Pre-release watermark

The observations and watermark are removed when you remove the pre-release setting on the certificate, allowing you to create EICs that have observations.

Marking as pre-release

To mark your certificate as a pre-release, tick the option in the certificate's options. The watermark "Pre-release Version" is added automatically and can be adjusted from there.

Adding observations

When you have marked your certificate as a pre-release, you will now see a section that allows the entry of observations and attaching of photos to these observations from the main form.

Printed pre-release certificates

The observations will appear in the printed certificate or PDF and the watermark appears on each page.

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