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Find your most recent backup

Follow these steps to find the most recent automatic backup.

The backup filename shows the date it was taken

The backup date is in the filename! It's shown in the numbers at the end of the filename, in the format year-month-day. For example, the backup in the file named Pirform-Auto-Backup-2016-10-25.bak was taken on the 25th October 2016.

Open backup folder

Open your backup folder. This article shows how to find where that is

By default, Pirform stores your backups under a folder called Pirform in your My Documents folder.

Setting your save and backup locations

If you have changed that location then you will need to open that folder. Instructions for how to do that are here.

From your backup folder, go into the folder called Backups and then Automatic Backup. So you will now be in the folder called:

Documents\Pirform\Backups\Automatic Backup

It may be that the Pirform folder has the computer name after it, something like:

Documents\Pirform-MyLaptop\Backups\Automatic Backup

You should see something like this:

Find the latest backup

Pirform holds a series of backups. The most recent will be in the folder called Days. So, open that folder and find the most recent file.

You can either use Windows file date to find the most recent file, or you will notice that the file name have the date at the end in the format year-month-day. The second file in the image above is from 2nd November, 2012 and is the most recent in that folder.

Search for backups

If you have tried the steps above and have not found the file you need, then use search to find all backup files on your computer. In the search box, enter the following text that will find anything starting with "Pirform-" and ending with ".bak":


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