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Managing licences

Pirform is licensed annually and each licence can be installed onto one computer. Your licences are available against account in and can be downloaded or emailed from there. You then use Pirform to apply and activate the licence on your computer.

Manage your licences online

All your current licences are in your Licence Manager and read about how to purchase licences here.

Licences in Pirform

Applying a licence

Once you have got the licence file, you just need to save it to your computer and Pirform will find it the next time it starts up. Pirform will look for the file in any of the following locations:

  • Your desktop.
  • A folder called Downloads under your Documents folder.
  • A folder called Downloads directly under your main user profile folder.

Save the licence file to one of the above locations on your computer, then close and start Pirform and it will apply the licence automatically. The licence file will disappear after Pirform applies it.

Alternatively, you can open the file directly. To do that, go to the Home Screen, then click File and then click on the item marked marked Open Licence File as shown below.

Identify the current licence

You can see the details of the current licence in the status bar at the bottom of the Home Screen:

You can copy those details by right-clicking on the status bar and selecting Copy licence details to clipboard:

You can then just paste those details into an email:

Updating a licence over the internet

To update your licence over the internet, right-click on the status bar and select Update licence from internet:


Pirform will need to be connected to the internet to update the licence. Look for the green tick in the status bar to see whetner whether Pirform is connected.

Managing licences online

Your licences are stored in the Shine Forms account that you were using when you purchased them. You also access your them from the link below (you will need to be logged in using the email that you used to buy the licences):

You will then see a list of your licences:

Sending the licence by email

You can send the licence in an email that also contains instructions to apply the licence. To do this, just select the licence or licences and then click Email Selected at the bottom of the licence list. Note that the licence will be sent to the email address that you have against the licence - see later for how to change this.

Alternatively, you can access the licence code by clicking on View Licence. From there you can copy the licence code if you want to paste it directly into the program.

Updating the licence name and email

Clicking on the name and email next to the licence will let you of change the licence details. For example, enter the name and email address of the engineer using the licence. Just click Save Changes to update the licence when you're done.

Licences for multiple engineers

Store your certificates online for free

We highly recommend using an online storage and sharing facility such as Dropbox or OneDrive. Read more here

Pirform is licensed to the machine, so the best way to manage the licences is to attach them to a machine, not the user.

Use the name of the licence to indicate the machine it is used on.

Use the email against the licence to indicate the user who you wish to send the licence to.

You only need to deactivate a licence when you are going to completely remove Pirform from that machine or make significant changes to the machine, such as reinstalling Windows or fitting a new hard disk.

Read how to move a licence to another machine here.

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