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Installing Pirform

Easily share company and engineer details between machines

You can easily share company and engineer details between machines. Read how to do that here exporting company details.

Download the installer

To install Pirform on your computer, first download the Pirform installer file. You can download the lastest installer directly from the link below:

If you are looking for a Pirform pre-release version, see the section later in this page.

Running the installer

Next, just double-click on the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

Pre-release versions


We make pre-release available for customers who need early access to a fix or a feature. Unless you're sure you need that please stay with the current release version.

A pre-release is a version of the program that has some changes or fixes but has not yet been released. It is still being tested and you may find that some things do not work as reliably as expected.

If you are in any doubt, only install from the main download location above.

When a release candidate is available, the installer can be found here:

Pre-release version "small print"

When using a pre-release version, please note the following:

  • Pre-release versions are still being tested and you may find some things don't work as expected. We will, of course, work closely with you to fix anything that you may encounter and you can always just reinstall the latest version.
  • If you export certificates from this version then anyone importing them will also need to use the same pre-release version or a later version.

That said, you can always download and install the current installer again from our website.

Installing prerequisites

In the rare circumstance that your copy of Windows 10 is not fully updated, the Pirform installer may also download and install some Windows components it needs. This will take longer and the installer might restart.