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Inspection schedule

Pirform makes it easy to work with the inspection schedule and code items as needed.

Comments against schedule items

You can enter a comment for the selected schedule item at the bottom of the inspection schedule screen.

Comments entered will appear on the PDF.

Automatic observations and limitations

When you code an item with a C1, C2, C3 of FI, Pirform will automatically create an observation associated with that schedule item. Changing the coding to a different value will remove the observation.

You can work with the associated observation directly in the inspection schedule screen.

Similarly, limitations are automatically added when you code an item to LIM:

Using the Inspection Schedule Manager

The Inspection Schedule Manager lets you quickly enter values into the inspection schedule and to rapidly set blank values. You can open it by clicking the ribbon button marked Inspection Schedule Manager.

When Only Blanks is selected, selecting a value for the blank items and clicking Done will put that value into all blank items in the specified section.

You can set all items to PASS by clicking the button marked Set All Blanks To Pass at the lower left.

You can choose which sections are included in the PDF by selecting the value next to the section in the grid.

When Only Blanks is not selected, selecting values for the blank items and clicking Done will put that value into all blank items in the specified section.


Only Blanks will overwrite values in all sections, so use it with care. If you save just before making changes and make a mistake, just close without saving changes and re-open and the inspection schedule will be back as it was.

Excluding schedule items that do not apply

You can now choose to not show schedule items that are marked as not applicable on the PDF or printed certificate. A notice is shown to indicate that only applicable items are shown and the numbering of the items is the same as if they were all present on the printed certificate.

This option is available in the certificate's options

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