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Getting started

Welcome! The sections below will help you get started with Pirform. You can also contact our help desk if you need any further assistance. Also, use the search box at the top right to help you find things.

Free Trial

There is a free 30-day trial available to help you evaluate Pirform.

Shine Forms YouTube Channel

Watch out videos about Pirform on our Shine Forms YouTube Channel.

First steps

Read these articles to find how to install Pirform, set up your company and create and save your first certificate.

Working with certificates

These articles show areas you can use when working in a certificate.

Understanding backups

Understand how you can keep your certificates safe and where they are stored on your computer.

Working with others

Pirform makes it easy to work with other engineers. Get started by reading about these features.

If you are setting up or managing Pirform for a number of users, these articles and sections will be useful:

Changing options and settings

Pirform has a lot of options that allow you to customise and change how it works.

Stay in touch

When Pirform starts up, you see the Start Page. This shows you your recently opened certificates and a summary of our blog. Keep an eye on the blog section for any new articles and announcements;

Tips for working in Pirform

Here are some sections that will help working in Pirform.