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Creating certificates

You can create certificates from scratch or quickly create new ones from existing certificates. For example, you can copy an existing certificate or even create a new inspection certificate from an existing installation certificate.


New certificates for the current regulations can be created from existing certificates created under older versions of the regulations.

Creating new certificates

After you have set up your company and engineers, Pirform uses these for any new certificates you create.


If you have changed your company or association details, you can easily update those details on existing certificates - click here for details.

You can create a new certificate by clicking New Certificate in the Home Screen's ribbon and selecting the type of certificate.

Pirform then lets you select details appropriate to the new certificate, such as the number, engineer and instruments and other details such as the number of boards and ways.

Click OK and Pirform will open your new certificate. Click Cancel to close that screen without making any changes.

Copying and creating certificates


Two other features that save time creating certificates are merging boards and observations from other certificates into the current certificate and copying of boards and circuits when working inside a certificate.

Start by selecting the source certificate in the Home Screen and then click on Create Certificate in the ribbon to access all the ways to copy or create one certificate from an existing one.

Copying a certificate

Choose the Copy option and Pirform will create a copy selected certificate and optionally include the observations and test results from the source certificate in the new certificate if desired.

Creating a certificate of a different type

Select one of the options to create a new certificate from the existing one certificate lets you create different certificate types from your existing certificates. The observations and test results are carried over to the new certificate after confirming the creation.

If you select the option to Copy schedule items, then Pirform will set the values of the corresponding schedule item in the new certificate wherever possible.


As there are differences between EICR and EIC schedule items, and as not all codings from an EICR are relevant in an EIC, then Pirform will ignore any that can't be matched or carried over. Also, Pirform will ignore any schedule item was coded by Pirform's intelligence feature and leave it to be set only be set if the intelligence applies again in the new certificate.

Creating Minor Works

If you are creating a new Minor Works from an existing certificate, you will be asked to select a board and circuit from the source certificate. The details of the circuit you select will be carried forward into the new Minor Works.

Creating a certificate for a customer

When you copy or create a certificate, the details of the customer and installation will also be copied. But, if you just want to create a new blank certificate for a particular customer, just go the Home Screen, find and select any certificate for that customer and then click the

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