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Boards and Circuits

You can work with the boards and circuits in your certificates from Pirform's Circuits and Test Results area.


If you want to work on your certificates with a focus on just the boards then you can use Pirform's Board Manager

This area let you work with a single board, its circuits, observations and any notes relevant to that board.


Use the ribbon to add, copy or remove boards and circuits, change the ordering, merge or unmerge three-phase circuit groups and adjust observations at the board.

Select the board that you want to work with using the board selection control. The Find Box lets you search for the board you want to work with. You can also hold the Ctrl and Alt keys and and use the Up or Down arrows to move through your boards (read more about Pirform's keyboard shortcuts here).

Observations at a board

Observations against the board are shown in the separate Observations tab.

Notes at a board

You can also enter notes against the board to record, for example, items required for later works. These do not appear on the certificate but can be viewed in the Board Manager and exported to Excel to work with outside of Pirform.

Copying boards and circuits

In the Circuits and Test Results section of the certificate, you will find features for copying boards and for circuits in the boards and circuits sections.


You can copy boards to other certificates using the certificate merge feature.

Copying boards

Go to the board you want to copy and click Copy Board in the ribbon. After which you will be presented with the option to copy with the same supply, or with the supply as the origin.

A new board will be created with "copy N" appended to the designation.

Copying circuits

Select the circuit you want to copy (the marker in the left most column has an arrow to show the selected circuit) and then choose one of the options under the Copy Circuit menu in the ribbon:

If you select Copy to Current Board then a new circuit with the same values as the selected circuit will be created in the current board.

If you select Copy to Clipboard then the selected circuit will be available for pasting into any board that you choose. You can paste the copied circuit as many times as you wish. You can see the circuit that is in the clipboard at the bottom of the screen.

Note that you can also use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste circuits, as well as move a circuit's location in a board. See here for more.

Using the board date

The board date is the date Pirform uses as the inspection date when you add a new boards. Keeping the board date separate from the main date of inspection because it is useful in scenarios such as when you are working on a rolling program of inspections for an installation and reporting in a single certificate.

The board date will be first set to the date of inspection when that is first set, but you can select any other date directly from the ribbon (the same is available in the Board Manager):

Updating the inspection date

When you are working on a rolling program of inspections you will often create new certificates by copying the previous certificate. When you set the new inspection date in that new copy, you don't always want to change the board inspection date for all boards in your new certificate.

Pirform recognises this and asks whether you want to update the inspection dates for boards that match the previous date before making any changes. You can also optionally update the inspection schedule date and the board date for the certificate:

If there are boards matching the old inspection date then Pirform only asks if you want to update the inspection schedule date and the board date for the certificate: