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Backup your certificates online for free

To ensure that you can access your certificates if your computer is breaks down, becomes damaged or is stolen, you need to keep copies of your certificate data outside of your computer. Read more here.


You can create a backup file at any time. Click here for details.

How to keep your certificates safe

Pirform has features to makes it easy to keep your certificates safe over time. Whether you are a single operator using the Lite Edition or a company with many engineers sharing certificates using the Premium Edition, you should expect to be able to access your certificates for years to come. Especially as you may want to use them to create new certificates when you return to repeat an inspection years later.

Where are my certificates?

Pirform keeps all your certificates on your computer under you user profile. If you share your machine with another engineer, their certificates will also be on the computer but in a separate database under their profile.

Backups and export files

Pirform has two features that help you store your certificates safely off your computer:

  • Backups: where all of your certificates are saved to a single file.
  • Exports: where a single certificate is saved to a file.


Export files are only available in either Premium Edition or Lite with Certificate Sharing.

Pirform automatically takes backups and exports for you after something has changed.

What When
Full backup When closing the program after making any changes
Certificate export When closing the certificate after making any changes


When the certificate is automatically exported Pirform also produces the PDF for the certificate and the circuit chart (if relevant) and saves this to the export location.

The key to making sure you never lose any of your certificates is very simple:

Make sure you keep either a backup file containing the certificate or an export file of the certificate safely somewhere outside of your computer.

Options for storing certificates outside of your computer

Store your certificates online for free

We highly recommend using an online storage and sharing facility such as Dropbox or OneDrive. Read more here.

There are many options available that are cheap, easy and reliable to use. We recommend using an online storage and sharing facility such as Dropbox or OneDrive. Both are really easy to use and will work in the background to store files off your computer (while you are connected to the internet). If you or your company has an Office 365 plan then you will have OneDrive as part of that.

  • Sign up for a Dropbox here.
  • Sign up for to OneDrive here.

Other options include using an external hard disk, network attached storage or even a USB key if you have nothing else!


If you are part of a company where your IT is managed by another team then they will be able to assist in setting up where these should be stored.

Where automatic backups and exports are stored

You can control where these automatic backups and exports are stored from the saving and backup section of Pirform Options


Click here to see how to quickly access your data folders.

Automatic rolling backups

Automatic backups are taken just before the program closes and any changes have been made. Pirform also keeps backup files for the last 14 days, the last 12 weeks and the last 12 months.


You can read how to find the most recent automatic backup here.

Exiting without backing up

You can close Pirform without taking a backup doing this by selecting File > Exit > Exit Without Backup in the Home Screen ribbon.

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