Create a backup file

Backup your certificates online for free

To ensure that you can access your certificates if your computer is breaks down, becomes damaged or is stolen, you need to keep copies of your certificate data outside of your computer. Read more here.


Pirform backup files contain all your certificates, all the photos and documents in those certificates, as well as your company details, logos, engineers and instruments.

Pirform takes backups automatically before you close it and after you have made any changes. But you can create a backup file containing all your certificates and company details at any time.

To create a new backup of your certificates and company details, go to the Home Screen and click Backup Data:

After you have confirmed Pirform will confirm that the backup has been completed and give you the option to go to the new backup file:

Click on Show me the backup file and Pirform will open Windows File Explorer showing you the backup file that you have just created:


Backup files have the date and time they were created in their filenames. You can see that the backup file below was created on 3rd August, 2020 at 8:06am.

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