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Welcome to the documentation for Pirform and Shine Forms!

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Our main product is our intelligent electrical inspection and testing desktop application, Pirform. A good please to start is here:

Getting started with Pirform

Of, jump right in and read about some of our features, such as:

Shine Tablet BETA

The first beta release of our offline Android and iPad tablet apps will be launching soon. In the meantime, you can start reading about them here:

Shine Tablet BETA overview

Shine Forms Videos

Shine Forms YouTube Channel

Find other videos about Pirform and Shine Forms on our YouTube Channel.

Our Support Services

We consider our certification software to be another tool that you use to provide a good service to your customers. Preparing and issuing the certificate is very often the last thing that is done before you get paid. So, we take pride in providing a high quality and speedy support service.

Our support service is internet based and we do not provide a telephone support line. We do this precisely because it allows us to provide a faster and higher quality service to all our customers. We also invest in developing tooling such as the Pirform Support Tool that will assist you to get Pirform running should anything go wrong.

Here are some recent statistics from our helpdesk software to show the sort of turnaround that you can expect from us: